In early 2010, after spending a week meditating, I finally came to terms with the truth about where my life had taken me, and that after years of training and working as a physician, it seemed I had postponed exploring my creative expression indefinitely. With that realization, I decided that it was time to focus on developing myself as an artist.

However, the truth is that I had managed to find excuses not to paint or create pottery for most of the last twenty-odd years. What would be different this time? After much thought and debate, I decided to take 2011 off to re-evaluate and re-focus my energies. The other thing I decided to do was to create a goal to work towards. So with that in mind, I became inspired to paint 100 paintings. For most of my life I had been responding to external cues on what to do and this had to be different. That is why I decided to call it 100 Hearts, so that I could be reminded that whatever I chose to paint, the direction, the drive, and the spirit behind the work, had to come from the heart.

Living with heart for me is about being present in my own being and living my truth. A life full of heart is one where an individual is fully connected with themselves, their thoughts, their emotions, their souls, and thus able to connect with everything and everyone around them. We all have a true calling, and when we listen to this, when we listen to what our hearts long to do, we bloom. When we are true to ourselves, when we live the life we are meant to live, our heart sings, and love and authenticity is in everything that we do.

Slowly, I have been adding to my collection of creations, but realizing that I wanted to do more, my 100 Hearts Series, though far from finished, has turned into 1000 Hearts.

And so I embark on a new journey as I explore what it means to connect with the heart in many ways, not only by connecting more with what moves me, but also by exploring what comes up on the canvas through meditation, shamanic journeying, and prayer.

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