Sylvia has been creating art since she was a child and has been surrounded by a family of artists her whole life. During her childhood and into her college years she explored different arenas of creativity including printmaking and pottery. She actually received a B.A. with a minor in graphic arts and exhibited some of her works in student and local shows, even receiving a award in 1990 for Excellence in Printmaking. She proceeded to work as a graphic artist for a year, but felt this was not the correct focus for her at the time and proceeded to go to medical school and then specialize in psychiatry.

During her time in medical school, her art took a back seat to her training and although she continued to do some work in clay, she had less and less time to devote to this area in her life as her she moved forward in her profession as a physician. However, in 2001 she was invited to exhibit a piece in a family art show in Cuenca, Ecuador and so with delight she proceeded to finish her first acrylic painting. From then on she shifted her focus to painting and exhibited some pieces again in 2009 at yet another family exhibit in Guayaquil, Ecuador.  In 2010 she realized that she wanted to explore her creativity a lot more fully than she had time to thus far and so decided to take 2011 off in order to explore her creative expression through meditation, writing, pottery and painting. Her first solo exhibit, 1000 Hearts, took place May of 2011.

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  1. jeanniei latimer said:

    I love your picture on there!! I did not know your undergrad was in graphic arts.

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