IMG_7520It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by since my last post. Since then art has continued to happen but a lot of life too. Needless to say, after many things, including buying a new house, I am finally settling in and dreaming about painting again. Also, thanks to a dear friend, Laura, who recently started an awesome new blog, desertobservations, I am inspired to start posting again. There is a lot of catching up to do so I will be getting to the details soon.

However, the truth is life never happens as we planned, and for most of us, that is no longer news, ha! Not that I am making excuses, but it really takes a strong and focused resolve this day and age to stay on task. Especially when important stuff comes up like my sweet nephew Owen’s premature birth. I am happy to say Owen is now one and doing wonderfully and I am so glad I was able to just drop everything and be there for my brother and family. Then there are other fabulous distractions like Facebook, TV, dusting, yes I said dusting because living out here in New Mexico, I think I could fill my days with something as banal as that if I chose to.

However, there is also something that we tend to neglect and devalue in our culture and that is taking time to let things rest, mature, ferment, grow and develop. I have to say, that I have also taken this time to sit, meditate, journal and pray. It has not always been easy to accept this as an important part as my life, but I have never taken real time to do this at any other time. Thus, part of my absence from the blog was also by design.

Fortunately, since my last post I have taken two painting classes at UNM and private lessons with a fabulous teacher. I’ve learned so much and yet there is so far to go. I will soon be posting more about this and my fabulous teachers.

Now, I am feeling incredibly blessed to be taking Pueblo Pottery Materials with Clarence Cruz. This class could become a blog in itself. We have been traveling the state finding and processing clay and pigments. Finally we are starting to work on the pieces and there is a certain magic that happens when you work with clay that you have painstakingly dug out, wet down, strained, dried and wedged. But that story is for another day.

For now, I can say that I am glad to be back.

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